Annie says she’s never had a proper job. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, she’s had a very varied and interesting working life.

Cosmopolitan in her outlook she was born in Egypt, brought up in the Far East and educated in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and Switzerland. She’s run a dog grooming business; worked as a researcher for the European Commission; been a Personal Development Trainer, although she still isn’t sure what that is!

Over the last twenty years she has lectured in Classics and farmed with husband, Geoff.

She always thought that when she retired she’d write, garden, keep bees, read, be part of a textile recycling group, be a staunch supporter of Transition Towns; and lunch and dine with friends as often as she can afford it. But what has happened is that she’s founded a Youth Theatre: LYTss and so in addition to all these “retirement” activities, she has a full time job as Director, script writer, teacher, producer, cleaner, fund raiser, bottle washer, shoulder to cry on, head mistress, diplomat and friend . When she’s not doing these things, she writes.

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