Geoff Spawton

Geoff read Economics at University and considers that he has always been unemployable. Since then he has been a marketing executive with Warner Lambert, a potato merchant, a property developer, an entrepreneur and run a business consultancy. 

But his first love has always been farming; it’s where he’s most at home. Breeding prize winning Highland Cattle has been the culmination of over 20 years of careful selection and it’s probable that he’ll never be happy with the results. After all no work of art is ever considered perfect! But these are spectacular animals, and it is their beauty that Geoff loves more than anything else.

If you’d told him, when young, that he’d be playing bowls with the village elders later on in life he’d have offered to take you outside and asked someone to hold his coat. But, after over 35 years of living in Wales he’s given in! He likes good food, good wine and good company; and has been known to doze gently after dinner. 

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